Hitting half way

Baby clothes brought, Moses basket in hands. Almost at that half way mark! Doesn’t feel like it’s been that long but we’ll that’s 5 months for you! Only a week till we find out if we’re having a daughter or son and it’s amazing!

Now though it’s not all excitement with peeing in a cup every time you see a midwife and the amount of blood tests is unavailable… I found out my blood is A- which lead to further blood tests to see if the baby is too. If not then they have to give you a nasty jab so you basically don’t kill your baby. Crazy I know your body can try to kill something it’s making!! But it’s ok they plan for it which is good.

The countdown to maternity leave gets ever closer too. Working in a Wearhouse means eligibility to leave up to 11 weeks before your due date, and for 52 weeks off if you choose. Lush! There are some perks in this job ;). Sadly though the Mr. only gets one week and I know people think it’s enough but no wonder there’s the stigma of children not being close to their dads in their younger years, they aren’t really aloud to see them.

But we will make this work, we will have days together as a family days apart creating memories, there’s always an outcome that will suit you if you work for it especially in this case. So don’t worry just communicate with each other and the test should fall into place…In theory!!!



So hi i’m here to mainly release all my fears and joys of my upcoming new addition to my family. So yes Im a human submarine, engaged to an amazing guy who does above and beyond for me.

I’ve wanted a family definitely, but did I expect it to fall pregnant just before turning 20 ? Now that’s the question. I wouldn’t change it from the world, this is the best thing that could happen to us.

So this blog is mainly for me to show people that you can be this young and sensible and get your life in s good place if you work for it. Since I could get a job I’ve been working hard. I couldn’t not. But there are definitely going to be some struggles mentally as much as physically for myself and my OH. So this is where I’ll show people they’re not alone and it will be ok.

Updates will be posted here as often as possible weather detailed or not and on a variation of different things… And I’ll continue to post after bubba is born to keep track of how that part goes. So sit back take my hand, we’re in this together…